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Snapdeal Refers Trick with New App (Tested ok) August 2015



 Updated Snapdeal Unlimited Refer Trick Working Again


How To Do.



Download Required Software

  1. Rooted BlueStacks
  2. Bluestacks Easy v3.2

 Download now



Download Required Application

 Download now

  • Newest Version of Snapdeal App
  • Xposed Installer
  • Hide My Root
  • Root Clock
  • Xprivacy App

 Download now


1)  First of all, you need to download Rooted Bluestacks if you have Rooted then open it.


2)  Install  Bluestacks Easy

           - Click on ADB

                   - Click on Patch Bluestacks (wait until patch And automatic-restart)


3)  Install all Above Application


      3.1)  Open Xposed Installer

                 - Click on Framework   

                             - Click on Install/Update

                 - Remember choich forever

                             ​- Allow  

                 - restart ?

                             - ok


      3.2)  Open Root Clock

                 -  Click on Add/Remove App 

                             -  Click on    +   

                                   -  Add "snapdeal"


      3.3)  Open Hide My Root

                 -  Click on Hide Su Binary  Accept

                              - Remember choich forever

                                          ​- Allow  

                  Successful hid su Binary  (ok)



     3.4)  Open Xprivacy

             Press Esc Three-Four Time 

           - Click on ok

           - Click on snapdeal   [0]  [ ]  



Now scroll down and tick mark on “Phone” , “Shell” and “System”.


Now Open Shell and Tick mark on “Su” and “Sh”.


Now click on System and scroll down and you will see “getInstalledPackages” tick mark on it.


click on  right top corner and click on Settings.

After it, Scroll down and you will see options like Clear and Randomize Now .

Click on “Randomize Now”.

Click on Save  and  close Xprivacy App.


Open Snapdeal App and Click on Earn Rewards and enter below Referral Code


   If you face any other problem do comment we will try to find its solution   








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